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Who we are

We specialize in elevator installations, advanced technologies, and engineering solutions.

Modern Installation

Sigma specializes at every installation service weather it's personal, villa, panorama, cargo and cars, restaurants, hospitals, and more.

Technology & Engineering

As the elevator industry continues to evolve, innovative approaches are being implemented to address lifts issues

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Professional Team

Well- trained team is the core of any success, teamwork in Sigma ensures flowless work, that evolves with new technologies and modernization in lift field.

Company Value

Redefine the future of elevator technology in Egypt

Sigma Company for Elevators has introduced a lot of technologies in the elevators’ field, we participated in a lot of development projects in Egypt, and we were committed to standards of safety, quality and luxury which suits with our customers. We are also committed to reach high levels of safety and comfort believing that the safety factor is the most important in our field.

what we did


  • Membership card from the Construction and Building Federation.
  • A license to practice a profession.
  • A valid commercial registry.
  • Tax card.
  • Value-added tax registration card.
  • Experience certificate from Al-Oruba Company, Egypt.
  • Experience certificate from Al Saraiya Real Estate Investment Company.
  • Experience certificate from Abo El kassem Real Estate Investment Company.
  • Experience certificate from Al Malak Real Estate Company.
  • Experience certificate from El Montazah Real Estate Investment Company.
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Years of Experince
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فنيون صيانة شركة سيجما لتركيب وصيانة المصاعد واصلاح اعطال الاسانسير
لوحة تحكم داخل الكابينة تركيب سيجما للمصاعد
كاببينة مصعد داخلية ، تركيب سيجما للمصاعد
كابينة مصعد تم تركيبه بواسطة سيجما للمصاعد واصلاح جميع اعطال الاسانسير
سيجما للمصاعد من اسانسير مستشفي دار الاشعة
لوحة تحكم بمستشفي دار الاشعة من صنع شركة سيجما للمصاعد بالاسكندرية
اسانسير مستشفي دار الاشعة تركيب شركة سيجما للمصاعد بالاسكندرية
كابينة مصعد امبريال تاور ، تركيب شركة سيجما للمصاعد بالاسكندرية
لوحة تحكم خارجية من مصعد امبريال تاور منصنع شركة سيجما للمصاعد- lift installation and maintenance - user control panel

New Approach

One significant advancement in elevator technology is the incorporation of predictive maintenance systems. These systems utilize sensors and data analysis to monitor various components of an elevator, such as motor performance, door operations, and vibration patterns. 


Our Goal

Over 26 employees work around the clock to serve over 100.000 people using our elevators, and everyday Safety for each one of our customers and employees is first and elevators and every day-Safety for each one of our customers and employees is first and foremost..

code of ethics

Code of Ethics

  • Honesty, good faith, and customer satisfaction is our highest priorities.
  • Introducing best spare parts with high quality
    performance in addition to high quality after-sale service.
  • A precise timeline for each project and delivery within the exact time.
why to choose us

Why To Choose Sigma Elevators?