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Sigma for Elevators: Types of Lifts at Everyday Work

Sigma for Elevators is a leading elevator company in Alexandria, Egypt, specializing in a wide range of elevator types to cater to diverse customer needs. 

Our everyday work revolves around the installation, maintenance, and repair of various elevator types. Our expertise extends to passenger elevators, ideal for commercial and residential buildings, offering smooth and efficient vertical transportation. 

We also deal with hotel and restaurant elevators, designed to meet the specific requirements of hospitality establishments. For hospitals and medical facilities, we provide reliable bed elevators, ensuring safe and comfortable transportation of patients and medical equipment. Our portfolio also includes car and cargo elevators, delivering seamless mobility solutions for vehicle transportation. 

Moreover, we offer villa elevators, combining functionality and aesthetics to enhance the convenience and elegance of private residences. Lastly, our company excels in installing panoramic elevators, granting passengers breathtaking views while traveling between floors. At Sigma for Elevators, we are committed to providing high-quality elevator solutions that prioritize safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Passenger Elevators

passenger elevators for residential, commercial building by Sigma for Elevators

Passenger elevators play a crucial role in modern buildings, providing convenient and efficient vertical transportation for occupants. Sigma Company specializes in the installation of passenger elevators that prioritize safety, comfort, and reliability.

Sigma’s passenger elevators adhere to strict international standards, ensuring a pleasant and secure experience for users while enhancing the overall efficiency and value of any building ; Commercial, Residential, and Hotels .

Villa / Indoor Elevators

indoor - home - villa elevators by sigma for elevators

Villa elevators offer a touch of luxury and convenience to residential properties, enhancing accessibility and value. Sigma Company specializes in the installation of villa elevators, catering to the unique architectural and design requirements of individual homes. These elevators are available in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing homeowners to personalize their vertical transportation systems according to their preferences.

Hospital / Bed Elevators

hospital and bed elevators

Hospitals demand elevators that prioritize patient comfort, rapid transportation, and stringent hygiene standards. Sigma Company understands these requirements and provides cutting-edge elevator solutions for healthcare facilities in Egypt. Our hospital elevators are equipped with advanced technology, including smooth and gentle acceleration, specialized stretcher-carrying capabilities, withstanding heavy-loads on long-term.


Transform Your Building With Sigma Elevators Installation!

Redefine your Building Luxury and Safety using Sigma Elevators for Installation and Maintenance Services, We guarantee a seamless vertical mobility experience that combines innovation, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Modernize your old lifts with new more aesthetic and safety standards! 

Restaurant / Dumbwaiter Elevators

restaurant / hotel dumbwaiter elevators by sigma for elevators

Sigma Company offers tailored elevator solutions for hotels and restaurants in Egypt, recognizing the unique needs of these establishments. Their elevators are designed to provide swift vertical transportation, minimizing waiting times for guests and optimizing the flow of people within the premises. With elegant and customizable designs, these elevators blend seamlessly with the ambiance of hotels and restaurants, enhancing the overall guest experience and leaving a lasting impression.

Panorama Elevators

panorama elevators - Sigma for elevators

Sigma Company excels in the installation of panorama elevators, creating memorable journeys for occupants while maintaining the highest safety standards. Sigma’s panorama elevators combine aesthetics, innovation, and engineering excellence, making them an ideal choice for high-rise buildings, shopping malls, and other structures seeking to provide a unique and visually captivating elevator experience.

Cargo and Cars/Freight Elevators

cabin design for cargo and cars lifts made by sigma for elevators in Alexandria , Egypt.

Transporting vehicles and heavy goods within buildings requires specialized elevators that can withstand heavy loads and provide reliable service.  These elevators are engineered to handle substantial weight capacities, featuring strong solid construction, secure locking mechanisms, and advanced safety systems. From car dealerships and parking garages to warehouses and industrial facilities, Sigma’s cars and cargo elevators ensure smooth and hassle-free vertical transportation of vehicles and goods.